Here’s Bangwagon 054 with Clodhoppa. A journey through electronica in foru parts, including some lovely stuff from Severn Beach, James Welch, Bonobo and more…

BANGWAGON054 – Clodhoppa

24th March 2013

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Act One
Sigha – Between Here and Yesterday
James Welch – Walk
Rick Grant & James Fox – Crackphase
Crump – Haunted Hallway
Bonobo – Cirrus
Severn Beach – Pressure Waves

Act Two
Jack Dixon – E
Evil Nine – Little Prince
Midland – Trace
Martyn – Newspeak
Dusky – Calling Me
Von Spar – Jon Voight (John Tejada mix)

Act Three
Akin – Jaded
DFRNT – Turning Back
Pikcha – In Echoes
Alphabets Heaven – Siamese Burn
Alex Coulton – Too Much Talk (Tessela mix)
Pixelord & Zack Christ – I’ll Be There

Act Four
DJ Blakey – If You See Me
Soaka – Love You (Frequent Flyers mix)
B Flat – Night Is Over
Anex – Shine
Laney – Old George

download bangwagon054

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.