How do. I know it’s been a while but hey, these things happen.

To make amends please find below a selection of electronica, tuned for a Sunday evening post-weekend but too early to be Monday vibe. House, techno, borken beats and more.


BANGWAGON051 – Clodhoppa

3rd Feb 2013

download bangwagon051

Heiko Laux – Consense pt2
Surgeon – The Power of Doubt
Ludvan Allan – Orizintul Indepartat
Versa – MCR FNK
Hackman & Bluto – What Matters (James Fox mix)
Bonobo – Cirrus
Claude Von Stroke – Groundhog Day
MANDY – Put Put Put
Bimas – Koalas Rolling
Radio Slave – I Don’t Need a Cure for This (Worst Case Scenario mix)
Alexkid & Rodriguez Jr – Le Doigt Africain
Short Bus Kids – Damned
Sam Walton – 808 Vybzin
Will Saul – Chameleon
Throwing Snow – Shadower
Pearson Sound – Inedible
What What What – Spread
Jesper Dahlback & Sebastian Ahrenberg – My World (Night Drive mix)
Layo & Bushwacka! – Dr Teeth
Luke Chable – Melburn
Stanton Warriors – Antidote 2

download bangwagon051

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.