Back in the Bangwagon Haus!

Muggy here with the 050 edition of Bangwagon. The big Five-0 is upon us…! Why, it only seems like 2 minutes since etc etc…

So, I ran my mouth off a bit in the previous post and kinda challenged Clod to a mix off…(*) It was supposed to be banter, it was just frontin for the lulz… I should have known, I should have read the signs. There were no signs. The biggest sign of all and yet I missed it.

*PROTIP: Challenging a Yorkshireman, in any way, should be approached with diligent planning and forethought.

Sunday lunchtime – I get his mix… no message, no cleverly titled filenames, no visible clues as to the impudence slaying selections and skills contained within.

The first part of the show is Clodhoppa schooling me for an hour.

The second is me miserably trying to copy Daddy.


BANGWAGON050 – Muggy Ft Clodhoppa

2nd Dec 2012

download bangwagon050


DJ T-Rock, Squashy Nice – Simple Song

DJ Shadow – I’ve Been Trying
The Cool Kids – Mikey Rocks
Plug – Yes Man
DFRNT – Too Long To Wait
Breakage – Drowning
Mr Hood – Burgeoning Criminal
The Herbaliser – Tea and Beer
Rain Dog – One To Love
Duskky – Nyabhingi
Marlon – Hum
Throwing Snow ft Py – Wallow
Bonobo – Eyesdown ft Andreya Triana
xxxy – You Gotta Do You

Blawan – Getting Me Down
Mao – Remember
James Fox -Next Hype Alert
TOYC – Joompa
Savage Skulls, French Fries – Marawa
Gorgon City – The Truth feat. Janai
LV, Mumdance – Get A Grip
DJ T-Rock, Squashy Nice – Hey It’s Love
Rusko – Love Is Real feat. Soul Nana
Noisses – Run Your Mouth feat. Rtkal, Lady Leshurr, Foreign Beggars
DJ T, Rock & Squashy Nice – Baby Come Home
Chinese Man – Racing With The Sun

download bangwagon050

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.