Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me [Hessle Audio]
Sitting at the end of an ep chock full of sparse skittish beats, this feels like all good dance music. Chopped breakbeats, old school synths, vocal chops and and immendely deep groove. Top.

Joy Orbisson – So Derobe [AUS]
The ‘b’ side to ‘A shrew…’ this slightly less oddly titled track is my favourite of the two. Cheesy garage/2step sounds have been a guilty secret of mine for a while, so when they’re used as well as this, it makes me do a little girly skip.

Breakage – Drowning [Planet Mu]
The drum sound of ‘Reprazent’ + the brain of Squarepusher x 2 parts Photek.

SimonOff – Trip To Luca [Echodub]
Off the second free album from Echodub, Trip To Luca mixes house beeps and bleeps with complex and skippy ‘riddims’ in a really interesting and flowing way. Lots of progression, depth and bass. Lovely.

Metal Box Products – Locry Shuffle [L2S Recordings]
It shuffles. Definitely shuffles. A haunted dancehall sound full of skips,odd tinkling piano and old school dnb atmos.

J Hazen – Danger Danger [Sound of Habib]
Slightly slower breaks in a Tipper stylee. I was a fan the moment I heard the Lawgivers-esque beat kick in, and fell in love when it squelched its load in my ears.

Leuce Rhythms – Headroot (Phrea Spirit mix) [Scarcity]
Sheer jazzy downtempo genius from Phrea Spirit here. This takes me back to the heady days of chilling post dnb sessions with sounds like Big Bud and LTJ Bukem, but with half time beats and more sun.

Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie [Eglo]
Clipped, spaced out sunny vibes again on the chart. It’s the kind of house you shouldn’t like, but just can’t help it.

James Fox – Put It Back (Ramadanman mix) [Take]
Yes it’s two Ramadanman tracks in one chart. What of it? This is great crossover stuff right here. Keeping the depth of James’ stellar original it throws an utter curveball and might be the best track I’ve heard from him yet.

Greymatter – When I was Lost (Klik mix) [Unique Uncut]
Super deep, super sparse and super subs. Super all round really.