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.. in updates. Well, they don’t obviously, I do. Ironically there’s been a lot to update, hence not having a lot of time to.

Anyway, enough excuses. I’ve finally got into the new (house and) studio and mixdowns of the Clodhoppa album are underway. We’re about a third of the way through. It’ll be the first release on Black Dog Industry Recordings via bandcamp. It will be donations driven, with all money going to one of the Japanese disaster funds. The find itself will be picked, we hope, by a Japanese photographer who gave us pictures for the album artwork.

In Koro Inu news the ever forward looking Big Square Records asked for a Koro Inu remix of Lunar Shift’s Eximo. Due out late June, it’s got a rather bloomin’ good Precision Cuts remix too. Huge thanks to Nick at Big Square for the chance of the remix.

Here’s a snippet

Check out the new Koro Inu sounds on our soundcloud if you feel like some fresh stepping beats and dubwise bass!

This one’s called Love Pressure, but as I was crate digging and ended up playing the immense Sepalcure tune of the same name last weekend, I think this will be called Pressure Love instead.

If you don’t fancy heading over to Soundcloud, you can hear them on the Koro Inu artist page.