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Here’s a bit of a remix I did for Mercry nominated Portico Quartet’s remix competition. You’ll not have seen me enter any of these usually, but I kind of fell a little in love with Cornelia’s great vocal on the track and fancied a play with it.

I think it’s more of a cover version than a full on remix, in that if Clodhoppa did the song as the band, it’d sound like this. Hope you like it.

Here’s a preview of the new, ten track album from our very own Clodhoppa. Launched today, 7th November on Black Dog Industries Recordings via Bandcamp

To pre-empt the release of the Clodhoppa album, here’s a selection of the tunes and artists that have influenced its sound. From The Wombles (first record I owned) to Photek and all over the place in between, I hope you enjoy the ramble.

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