Black Dog Industries Recordings is a small uber-niche net-label. It’s so niche I don’t let anyone else on it, just my friends and me.

As well as sporadic Bandcamp releases to come, I’ll be giving away some stuff that’s lapsed from other labels, as well as noodlings and collaborations with other folk. Stay tuned for further information.

In the meantime, please avail yourselves of these free Clodhoppa releases, previously available on midnightminustwo, and for an indetermined time you can get the Koro Inu release at Boomkat and other online retailers of repute.

Current Releases

Koro Inu – Black Dog Dubs Vol2
Four warm organic tracks of deep dubs. With support from the likes of Wrong Tom, so we must be doing something right!
Get it here

Clodhoppa – Looking for the exit
A ten track hour long album from Clodhoppa and friends. Left of centre organic broken beats.  Get it here


Clodhoppa – A Version Therapy ep mmiiprdct002 2009
tracks: what’s your loop/jilly jazz/bluegrass lullaby
download the ep

VA – Three Free mmii ep mmiifree001 2009
tracks: clodhoppa – red shoe morning
download Clodhoppa – Red Shoe Morning