How do. I know it’s been a while but hey, these things happen.

To make amends please find below a selection of electronica, tuned for a Sunday evening post-weekend but too early to be Monday vibe. House, techno, borken beats and more.


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Back in the Bangwagon Haus!

Muggy here with the 050 edition of Bangwagon. The big Five-0 is upon us…! Why, it only seems like 2 minutes since etc etc…

So, I ran my mouth off a bit in the previous post and kinda challenged Clod to a mix off…(*) It was supposed to be banter, it was just frontin for the lulz… I should have known, I should have read the signs. There were no signs. The biggest sign of all and yet I missed it.

*PROTIP: Challenging a Yorkshireman, in any way, should be approached with diligent planning and forethought.

Sunday lunchtime – I get his mix… no message, no cleverly titled filenames, no visible clues as to the impudence slaying selections and skills contained within.

The first part of the show is Clodhoppa schooling me for an hour.

The second is me miserably trying to copy Daddy.

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Welcome to black dog industries, the collective home for three musical projects: Clodhoppa makes organic broken beats and djs everything, Koro Inu makes electronic bass music, and Kovacs makes breaks.

There are mixes and radio shows to listen to and download (check the post archives) as well as tunes to listen to on the artist pages and even a few tunes to download for free.

Make yourself feel at home, the kettle’s on.