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Bangwagon Yo!

Too long since the last blog post… Straight up my fault and yes I will blame my tools (I guess pressing record would help though).

Muggy here with the 049 edition of Bangwagon. I’ve got some big shoes to fill; ¬†judging from the archives this is clearly a high class operation with an incredible¬†connoisseurship for fine electronic music. 049 is my attempt to fill those shoes…

Breaking away from the traditional start slow and build it up, I’ve taken an off piste route through the BPM’s with tunes new and old side by side. There’s DNB, House, Breaks, Dubstep and a fair bit of what can only be categorised as Misc.

Enjoy. (more…)

I lost a hard disc a while back, with ALL my mp3s on. So I’ve slowly been grabbing them back off various cds, and found some tunes I forgot I had, some others I was glad to find, and some personal ‘memory classics’ from the breaks ‘scene’.

So I thought I’d put them together in a show. Here it is!

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.

Read more for tracklists and download links.

As promised, there’s been an archive mixtape added to the mixes page, and I’ve picked the one I’ve had the most comments on, so if you fancy a bit of laid back tunage, visit the page to download it.

There’s also some new Bangwagon shows for you to download as well. 007 is a true collection of diverse beats, as per, but with a rather lovely debut mix from Kieren Torres as well as an extensive selection of free netlabel tunage we rate, perfect for lean January crate digging. 008 comes in the more disorganised form of an accidental oldskool nuskool breaks deck session.