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I have been sorely unattendent of our radio show archives on here, so as way of an apology here’s this years shows in one handy post. I’ll get links to all of co-host DVNT’s shows shortly.

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.

Do come down to The Farm pub in sunny (we hope) Bristol this Saturday 28th May for a right shindig with the Pigpen Social lads n lasses.

There’s a host of live acts, including a choir, a looping drum and sound chap, funk bands, hip hop artists and the like, seamlessly segue’d by yours truly, outdoors in the extensive garden.

Every time I’ve been asked to play I’ve always had a wicked time, so if you fancy a music filled saturday afternoon and evening, may I suggest popping down.

It’s free, but it IS for Oxfam so please do lob some change in the buckets if you’re suitably entertained.

See you there.