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DVNT, fellow founder of the Bangwagon radio show, is stepping down from his half of the show as a regular host. He’ll be back, dropping the odd mix on us and popping by for a brew, but he’s concentrating his efforts on Darkfloor, his new(ish) night and exciting new Darkfloor Sounds label.

All the best Mike, we know there are big things ahead.

So, here’s DVNT’s last show. Stop it now, I’m welling up.

Read more for tracklists and download links.

Pleae pop by to this evening for the debut of a mr DVNT on our new radio show ‘Bangwagon’. He’ll be delivering bleeps and beats a plenty for our inaugural outing, so join us in the chat. It’s tonight (Sunday) 7-9pm (uk time).

Tune in to the radio
See what DVNT gets up to