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Here’s Bangwagon 054 with Clodhoppa. A journey through electronica in foru parts, including some lovely stuff from Severn Beach, James Welch, Bonobo and more…

BANGWAGON054 – Clodhoppa

24th March 2013

download bangwagon054

Act One
Sigha – Between Here and Yesterday
James Welch – Walk
Rick Grant & James Fox – Crackphase
Crump – Haunted Hallway
Bonobo – Cirrus
Severn Beach – Pressure Waves

Act Two
Jack Dixon – E
Evil Nine – Little Prince
Midland – Trace
Martyn – Newspeak
Dusky – Calling Me
Von Spar – Jon Voight (John Tejada mix)

Act Three
Akin – Jaded
DFRNT – Turning Back
Pikcha – In Echoes
Alphabets Heaven – Siamese Burn
Alex Coulton – Too Much Talk (Tessela mix)
Pixelord & Zack Christ – I’ll Be There

Act Four
DJ Blakey – If You See Me
Soaka – Love You (Frequent Flyers mix)
B Flat – Night Is Over
Anex – Shine
Laney – Old George

download bangwagon054

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.

Here’s Bangwagon 052 with Clodhoppa. A truly random selection of tunes, from the Monkees to Mala, and from Burial to the Beta Band.

Bangwagon 052 Clodhoppa by Bangwagon on Mixcloud

BANGWAGON052 – Clodhoppa

3rd March 2013

download bangwagon052
The Monkees – Last Train to Clarksville
Can – Vitamin C
Andrew Weatherall – Feathers
Fugazi – Long Division
Pil – Public Image
The Beta Band – Troubles
Radiohead – Lotus Flower
Tricky – UK Jamaican
Jill Scott – It’s Love
Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man
RJD2 – Seven Light Years
Steelzawheelz – ikno
Funki Porcini – This Aint The Way to Live
DJ Shadow – Stem/Long Stem
Stanton Warriors ft Eska – Still Here (Original)
Mala – The Tourist
Jimmy Cliff – One More
Wu-Tang Clan – Can it all be so Simple?
Big Boi ft Sleepy Brown – The Way You Move
Nas – The Don
Jay Z – 99 Problems
Dead Prez – Hip Hop
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
Anex – Bella
Burial – Truant
Consequence – From A Distance
Goldie – Sensual

download bangwagon052

You can stream loads of the archives on our mixcloud as well.

Back in the Bangwagon Haus!

Muggy here with the 050 edition of Bangwagon. The big Five-0 is upon us…! Why, it only seems like 2 minutes since etc etc…

So, I ran my mouth off a bit in the previous post and kinda challenged Clod to a mix off…(*) It was supposed to be banter, it was just frontin for the lulz… I should have known, I should have read the signs. There were no signs. The biggest sign of all and yet I missed it.

*PROTIP: Challenging a Yorkshireman, in any way, should be approached with diligent planning and forethought.

Sunday lunchtime – I get his mix… no message, no cleverly titled filenames, no visible clues as to the impudence slaying selections and skills contained within.

The first part of the show is Clodhoppa schooling me for an hour.

The second is me miserably trying to copy Daddy.